Chelmsford Table Tennis Club is a
Table Tennis England “Premier Club”



CTTC is one if the largest table tennis clubs in the country. Before lockdown, we had 10 adult teams and 17 junior teams starting the new season in January 2020, with at least one team in each of the 10 divisions of the Chelmsford Table Tennis League and Junior League.

Club night is Friday and we have a second practice session on Sunday afternoons. Home match night is Monday. The venue is –

Chelmsford Sport and Athletic Centre,
Salerno Way,
CM1 2EH.

The club welcomes new members, guests and juniors who wish to attend coaching whatever their playing standard.

2016 club members.
Friday evening table tennis at Melbourne Sports and Athletics Centre


The club runs coaching sessions for under-18s on Friday evenings throughout the year.
Beginners 6pm – 7.15pm; intermediates 7.20pm – 8.35pm; and advanced 8.40pm – 10pm.

The charge for coaching is £4.50 per session if paid in advance. Please contact for further information. Coaching may be available for £5 on the night, subject to availability. [PLEASE NOT THE FEE HAS TEMPORARILY CHANGED DUE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMNTS – SEE BELOW.]

1-1 coaching is available on Sundays.

Open Sessions on Friday and Sunday
The club’s main session is 7pm to 10pm every Friday evening (except Bank Holidays). The session is open to all and the fee is £4. [PLEASE NOT THE FEE HAS TEMPORARILY CHANGED DUE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMNTS – SEE BELOW.]

The Sunday open session is 2pm-4.45pm and the fee is £4.

Prior notification of attendance on Fridays and Sundays is not necessary, just turn up. You don’t need to be a club member to participate in coaching or casual play.

Everyone is welcome on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons

For further information about coaching or casual play please text or email the Chairman:

Paul Nicol 0785 5320 416

**CTTC and coronavirus**

We are able to restart from Friday 21 August, to both adult casual play and coaching on Fridays only. (We will let you know what is happening with Sunday afternoon sessions as soon as we can).

However, social distancing means we need a first: everyone needs to book, and there are other requirements as described below – the link to book is at the bottom of the page.

You will need to select Junior or Adult sessions. (Please note that adults will need to describe themselves as the “child” they are booking for, as the system is designed for parents to book for their children. Put yourself down as the parent too.)
There will be two session times:
The ten minute gap is to allow players to clean their tables, gather their things and exit the centre before players for the next session arrive. Please do not enter the centre until your session time, and please do not hang around at the end. Each session time is 80 minutes; the Adult sessions are £2.50 per player and the junior coaching sessions are £5.50 per player – the pricing reflects that we are limited to a smaller number of tables than we are used to by social distancing requirements, but paying the same to our landlords.
There is initial capacity in each session of up to 16 players on 8 tables (16 tables total between Adults & Juniors); this may be subject to change if one side of the session (Adults or Juniors) is looking particularly quiet. You can book both sessions if you want – we may reconsider this if demand is high.
The centre will have a list of those who have booked. Please tell us as soon as you can if you booked but are unable to attend.
CTTC/CSAC rules:
- Booking will be through the ClassForKids online system only which has a secure ‘Stripe’ payment service;
- There will be a one-way system; all players entering through the main doors, all players exiting through the fire exit doors next to the sprint track and walking around the building to the gates at the front of the centre;
- Unfortunately, CSAC will not be allowing any parents inside the centre while their child is playing; all drop offs and pick ups will need to be done by the main gates;
- Please wear a mask/face covering when entering the building, this is a requirement by the sports centre; you can remove once in the playing area;
- Please wash/sanitise your hands before and after playing – please bring your own sanitiser if possible but there will be sanitising stations at the centre;
- Please keep a distance of at least two metres from others not in your household;
- After you have booked a session, and before your session starts, you will receive a message with the “bubble” you are allocated to and the names of the players in your bubble (this applies to both junior and adult sessions); the bubble will be up to 6 players; in that bubble you may play each other and share the same balls (but please try to keep using your own ball if possible); the tables will be numbered and in the message you will be told which table(s) to go to
- Singles only; no doubles allowed;
- No handshaking;
- Please do not wipe your hands on the table;
- After your session has finished, please use the cleaning spray and paper towels provided to gently wipe down your table, and leave the balls (unless they are your own) underneath the table for them to be cleaned it replaced by the organisers for the next session; and
- If you are in the session that finishes at 21:50, please pack away your net, clean the table and then fold it, but you do not need to move the table.
We understand it is a lot to take in and not the CTTC you are used to, but please respect and abide by all of these rules. We have worked very hard to reopen CTTC in the current situation and it is our best wishes that everyone can enjoy their table tennis safely and respectfully. If you are a parent, please ensure your child has read and understood as much of the above as possible. Welcome back!
Here is the booking link for Friday 21st August sessions:


Paul Nicol


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